Runs: March 1st  - March 31st

About the challenge


The MIT Meditation Challenge is a month long opportunity for the whole MIT community to join together in their practice of meditation.  It is a chance for all of us to deepen a practice we already have or start one while being supported by each other in community and the opportunity to win a meditation cushion to keep practicing.  There is a lot of interest on campus in meditation and positive supporting research that shows the benefits of it.  The only missing piece now is for us to start practicing.


Meditation Challenge Details

The Goal

The goal is to try and meditate every day for the next 30 days. The meditation you choose to do each day is up to you. You can either attend Live Zoom guided meditations (check calendar), or meditate with one of the recorded sessions, or just set a timer and meditate by yourself. Each day starts at midnight and ends at midnight next day (EST)

Choose what's right for you

The key to succeeding at anything is to tailor it to your needs and find what works best for you. Your meditation practice is going to look different to your friend’s or colleagues.

If you really want to start meditating on a regular basis make it easy, and this may be as simple as having a nice and comfy cushion next to your bed where you can meditate easy and without trouble!

What to do

  • Sign-up (create login) and register for the challenge. This login will be used to access the meditations and to track your progress.

  • Login to the site and choose a way to mediate (self, recorded, or live session). Meditate everyday you can. A day is counted from midnight to midnight. 

  • Log your meditation activity on this site each day you mediate (see points system below).

  • At the end of the 30-day challenge, please fill out the closing survey, to complete your challenge entry

How to score points

You get points for each mediation you log, points are counted as below. Only one log submission per day will be counted

  • 10 points - Attending a Live Zoom guided meditation

  • 05 points - Playing a Recorded guided meditation

  • 05 points - Self timed meditation

  • 25 points - Attend each Live session at least once (Excludes the "30 minutes of calm" meditation as that is offered only once. You will get the 25 points even if you skip that one, but still attend all other meditations at least once)



  • All Participants:

    • FREE one month membership (for April 2021) at (sign-up details will be updated here)

    • 50% off discount code for all teas and TTT subscription at (Use discount code: MITMEDITATOR)

  • Top Scorers: At the end of the challenge, the top scorers will win one of the following:

    • Your very own MIT meditation cushion 

    • Gift Box from Mindfulness & Leadership (contains Reflection Journal, Reboot book, and Holstee reflection cards)

    • Running Toward Mystery” book from The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values

    • FREE Ayurveda consultation at Eternal Healing Arts 

  • Top Volunteers and/or Random selection:

    • Coloring Books from Mind Hand Heart

    • A Tea Gift from (details will be emailed out)

*Note: Some prizes are available in limited quantities, so will be distributed as quantities last